Brick v1.2


  • The Brick class namespace is
  • Classes belong to owl:Class and are arranged into a hierarchy with rdfs:subClassOf
  • Equivalent classes (the members of the classes are the same) are related with the owl:equivalentClass property
  • Definitions given with skos:definition

Release Notes


Brick v1.2.1 is the latest patch release of Brick since v1.2.0 in February 2021. It incorporates a variety of quality of life changes, bug fixes, class additions and other changes to increase the consistency, usability and correctness of Brick. These include, but are not limited to:

  • An expanded set of entity properties with expanded sets of available units
  • Extensions to the ontology covering items such as:

    • differential quantities (i.e. "differential temperature")
    • expanded electrical points
    • radiant systems equipment and points
    • photovoltaic systems
    • collection types, such as systems and loops
  • Improved and expanded examples in the examples/ folder, which are now validated as part of the integration testing process
  • Various typos, missing annotations, etc


Brick v1.2.0 marks just over 7 months of work from a growing community of contributors. Moving forward, Brick will be targeting a 6 month cycle for "minor" releases (e.g. Brick v1.x.y). The Brick development roadmap can be found at . The Brick community is always looking for more volunteers to provide feedback and contribute features to Brick.

Brick v1.2.0 brings a number of new features. If you are using the brickschema Python package please be sure to update to brickschema>=0.3.0.

  • Namespace change (hopefully for the last time): to facilitate future development of Brick, Brick is changing its namespace to no longer contain a version number. Brick can still be downloaded on a per-version basis in the future, but to aid in the adoption of future (backwards-compatible) versions of Brick, it was decided that the best course of action was to remove the need to increment version numbers. This way, only a new copy of the Brick graph needs to be loaded in order to upgrade

    • Old namespace (v1.1.x):
    • New namespace (v1.2.x and onward):
  • Entity Properties: entity properties are a new Brick feature (described in-depth here) that allow models to attach static properties to Brick entities. The initial release of entity properties include floor area (net and gross), electrical metering properties, and aggregations. Documentation for entity properties on the Brick website is coming soon
  • Timeseries Storage: the 1.2.0 release also includes some preliminary timeseries storage properties. See here for documentation; please file an issue or post on the mailing list to discuss any emergent modeling needs for timeseries
  • Alignments: Brick 1.2.0 also includes alignments with several external ontologies and metadata representations

    • BOT: an ontology for building topologies and locations
    • VBIS: an emerging standard for asset management tagging
    • REC: an emerging ontology for real estate management
  • Additional classes:

    • Locations: A large number of standard room use types have been added to Brick
    • Chiller Plants (more coming): A number of Chiller-related points and equipment have been added to Brick. Future discussions on chillers should be directed to